Aquarium Wiring

We all love this reefing hobby. Its fun and challenging to design aquariums, plumbing, aquascaping, livestock selection. A part of aquaplanning that often goes
unplanned is cable management. In simple terms, organizing and making your cables look pretty. With pumps, multiple kinds of lighntig , heaters, skimmers, rectors, secondary pumps and all the other equipment we hook up to our tank, it is easy to make a mess out of the wiring. Some reefers take enjoyment and pride out of masterfully designed cable systems and have produced wonders under their aquariums that deserve attention and appreciation apart from the reef system.
Its important to have a thoughtfully designed power bar section. It makes maitenance easier, its much safer than having power bars lying on a wet floor and just visually appealing. What does your power bar for your tank look like? Send in some photos if you want us to post them here.

Here are some inspiring and less inspiring examples

Courtesy Of reef central user Fury165



DJKMS on Reefcentral


SimonSKL on reefcentral





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