Tunze Osmolator 3 – 3154 ATO Auto Top Off


Straightforward and safe water level controller for fresh and sea water with optical control sensor and independent thermal safety sensor. A constant water level keeps the salt concentration constant in seawater aquariums. Incl. Turbelle® High Jet 5030 dosing pump with integrated dry running and blockage protection, magnet holder, 12V DC power supply unit, tube and tube holder. Suitable for placement in cabinet filter systems or on the edge of the aquarium. The sensor holds on glass panes up to 15 mm (0.59”) and the tube holder up to 22 mm (0.87”).

The large, precise optical sensor…
detects the water level with an accuracy of 0.5 mm, resists air bubbles, deposits and scratches. The independent thermal safety sensor stops the Turbelle® High Jet 5030 pump in the event of overfilling, ensuring 100% overflow protection.

Plug & Play
All required components are ready for installation in the package (except reservoir). No software setup required. The fixed parameters are based on many years of experience.