Studio 24 Kit


This kit can be purchased in the Fragbox store in Toronto

International shipping is available through the website

Whats included

Everything you need to start you very own saltwater aquarium !

1 x Studio 24 Gallon All In One Aquarium ( Includes Self levelling matt, Return pump (396 gallons/hour), Plumbing for Return Pump, Directional nozzle)

12lbs of Reef Casa Sand (1” Coverage)
20-21 lbs Dry Rock
2 x Bottle of Ammonia Chloride (12 gallon premeasured)
2 x Bottle Life Bacteria (12 gallon premeasured)
1 x 50ml Seachem Prime Water Conditioner
1 x 100w Heater (120v/North American Socket)
1 x Battery Operate Digital Thermometer
2 x Boxes Of Reef Salt
1 x Salt Measuring Hydrometer
1 Month Supply Of Filter Floss
1 Month Supply of Activated Carbon
Reef Casa Bacteria Hotel Blocks