Reef Octopus OCTO Classic Protein Skimmer 110-INT


Technical Specs

Body Size: 5″
Footprint: 10.4″ x 7″
Neck Size: 2.5″
Total Height: 19.75″
Output Size: 40mm – Comes with Metric to British Adapter to 1.25”pvc  
Output Height: 6.5″    Note: Recommended Sump Water Depth: 7″-8″

  • Silently operated built-in “air shedding” Aquatrance pump
  • Hand-made hybrid acrylic conical body & a small footprint
  • Has a vented valve output and precision control gate valve
  • Has a cup with a drain and simple disassembly for cleaning
  • Available models include the 110-INT, 150-INT and 200-INT