Jebao DCP-15000


DC Controllable Return Pump

If you need some serious power look now further. This Jebao DCP-15000 is capable  of moving 15,000 litres / hour. This is the return pump we use at fragbox to move water from our basement sumps upstairs to our coral tanks. Its quiet, efficient and reliable.

This pump also includes a protective guard for the front and output fittings for 1.5” and 1” pipe
The standard output is 1.5” threaded
Includes DC controller and has an easy feed mode to turn pump off for 10 minutes.

Size: 196 x104 x 163mm
Adjustable Flow Rate of apporx. Max 3900 GPH / 15,000 litres
Max Head: 7Meters
Power: 105W
Warranty: Pump, controller and power supply are covered for 1 year and impeller 6 months. All warranty claims go through us.