Aqua illumination Nero 3


Aqua Illumination Nero 3 Wave Maker
Fragbox hands down favorite wavemaker. Simply doesn’t get better than this
The app is just so easy to connect and use, the amount of control is limitless
They are dead silent, the wire is super skinny and not noticeable
The nero 5 has been out for a while now and we have yet to do a single warranty on these units.
Compact size but still crazy powerful and up to 2000 gallons per hour
We recommend for up to 50 gallons, larger go with the nero 5
Different Flow Patterns and Modes 
The nero 3 easily connects with the app to any smart device so you can wirelessly control the pump
You can set different times for different types of flow
Constant Speed
A constant stream of water flow at your desired strength with no change
Pulses mode from you desired high and low setting
The random mode helps to mimic random high flow reef environments. You can set the min and max strength as well as the amount of variance
Easiest wireless pump to control
Out of all the pumps on the market we have tried, none have been easier to connect, use and control than the nero pump through my AIapp
If you already have the AI prime, hydra 32 or hydra 64, these pumps are run through the same easy to use app.
Technical specs
Max glass thickness = .5″ or 13mm
Flow = up to 2000 gph
Input = 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1A
Power consumption = Variable, 20 W max