Marineland 220 Catastrophic Leak

marineland 220 gallon leak

I think most reef hobbyists can agree that keeping a salt water aquarium can be very rewarding. It can be exciting, fun, challenging and a great experience. We can become obsessed with our aquarium, they become our pride and joy and can keep us late at night thinking about them, watching youtube video and researching corals and new equipment. Unfortunately all the positive and rewarding aspects about the hobby come at a risk and a long time customer of ours last night experience the worst possible scenario this hobby has to offer. It’s the one we don’t like to think about. We read about it online and think that won’t happen to me. The nightmare for this one customer became a reality when his 2 year old 220 gallon marineland tank formed a sudden, unexpected catastrophic leak from the bottom seam without warning in the middle of the night dumping all of the water all over his living room floor. The corals dried up and many of the fish struggled to stay alive in less than 1.5” of water

The point of this article and sharing this is not to scare you. It’s to remind you to take every precaution when setting up a tank. Its also to note this is the 4th Marineland 220 gallon in the past 12 months that we have heard suffering from this hazardous and tank ending leak. It can’t hurt to inspect visible silicone for wear and tear. Silicone on reef aquariums is generally rated for 10 years of use and part of the reason why we never recommend the purchase of a used tank. Our aquariums under stress from the water 24/7 the silicone simply will not last forever. For a tank to giveaway after only 24 months is simply unacceptable but clearly possible.

Anyways sorry for the doom and gloom post maybe we will do a secret giveaway in the next one to cheer up someone and see if anyone actually reads this articles we keep writing 😉

marineland 220 gallon leak



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