Favia Coral Care

Dragon Soul Favia
Dragon Soul Favia

Common Name: Favia
Class: Anthozoa
Family: Mussidae
Origin: Indonesia, Fiji
Category: LPS
Care Level: Beginner
Temperament: Aggresive
Lighting: Moderate
Waterflow:  Medium
Placement: Bottom – Middle
Colors: Various
Growth Speed: Slow



Favia Coral are  relatively easy to take care of and makes them a great beginner coral. They require moderate to low light and medium flow. We recommend placing them in the middle of the rocks or in the sand bed of your tank. If you place them on rocks they will tend to grow faster and start to encrust onto the rocks as they grow. It is important to leave some space in between Favias and other corals in the aquarium as they will extend their sweeper stinger at night time well beyond their base size and cause damage to their neighbors. Feeding is not necessary but highly recommended for better color and growth. Favias grow by creating new heads, forming a dome shape. Some Favias may encrust rock

They come in ever color imaginable and are very special corals. Many people collect just favias as there are so many different kinds. They love being feed especially at night we recommend feeding reef roids. 

Rainbow Favia Coral
Rainbow Favia Coral