Blastomussa Coral Care

Common Name: Blastomusssa Coral
Scientific Name:  Blastomussa wellsi
Class: Anthozoa
Family: Mussidae
Origin: Australia
Category: LPS
Care Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Temperament: Peaceful
Lighting: Moderate
Waterflow:  Low
Placement: Bottom
Colors: Various
Growth Speed: Slow

Blasto Corals do well in most reef tanks and requires minimal care, this makes them a great beginner to intermediate level coral. A healthy Blasto Coral has a fleshy appearance and no skeleton should be exposed. It likes to placed under moderate light with low flow. We recommend placing them halfway in your tank on rocks or on the sand bed.  They do have tentacles that extend out at night time and are relatively weak compared to the other aggressive corals and will often get stung instead. Hence, they are considered a peaceful coral and they do not attack nearby corals. Feeding is not required for Blasto Corals as they primarily obtain their nutrient by photosynthesis . However, we highly recommend regular feeding for faster growth and better health of the coral. They grow by creating new heads and eventually forms a dome shape.  For best results we recommend feeding LPS pellets from fauna marin  or vitalis


blastomusa coral
blastomusa coral