Redsea Reefer 750 + Ecotech

We all try to keep our reef tanks as clean and presentable as possible. There are some reefers among us though that bring it to the next level when it comes to presentation and wire management. A prime example of this is Antonio’s dream like redsea reeefer 750. I say dream like because its not only the mother of all red sea reefers that many of us aspire to but it has been crafted and executed to perfection. The choice and installation of hardware is top notch. And unlike many of us that try to neatly tuck away ballast or wires, he has really taken the time to manage these wires and also showcase the hardware. When it comes whats in the tank, the Aqua scaping and coral color, selection and placement are spot on. It doesn’t hurt the tank that he also shops at Fragbox 😉 Antonio’s reef tank had set the bar high for what and how a reef tank should like ! Thanks for sharing. If you would like us to a write about your tank send us some photos !


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