Fluval Evo 13.5 Ultimate Package

$1,556.00 $1,475.00

This is it. Every single possible upgrade and then some. Like the platinum package but comes with an Auto Top Off , a mesh lid and a diffuser for the AI Prime. This is the most comprehensive and complete kick ass fluval evo kit. This would be even larger systems to shame !


Ok now were talking
Everything you need to start and cycle your own salt water tank + almost everything single upgrade possible. This is one badass nano reef tank.

This kit includes:

Fluval evo 13.5 Gallon
10lbs of Live Sand
Aquaforest Bios starting bacteria
Ammonia Chloride to start the cycle
Cobalt Accutherm 75w heater
Digital Thermometer
2kg Aquaforest Reef Salt
Pyhton Hose
10lbs of rock
AI Nero 3 WIFI Wavemaker
Red Sea Refractometer
Epoxy for rocks
Marine Care Test Kit
Aqua Illumination Prime
AI Prime Mount
InTank Chamber one
InTank Filtration Cover
2 x 1/4”RFG
Chemi Pure Elite Nano Filtration
Kamoer Ato
Redsea DIY Mesh Screen Lid
AI Prime Diffuser