Fragbox at MACNA

Had a great time at MACAN 2018 Las Vegas this year

Got to meet some new suppliers and some old ones face to face. Tons of really cool new products were demonstrated and we are bringing into canada some really unique and useful products. Can’t wait to share them once they are here. Here are couple photos from our trip hope you enjoy

Happy Reefing


The Neptune display at MACAN Las Vegas 2018 was by far the most impressive set up there

I dont understand how they were able to set it up in such a short time. The tank looked very mature but obviously could not have been there more than 2-3 days. Job well done Neptune Systems!

Probably some of  the most unique fake corals at the show.

neptune display macna 2018

These are jaw dropping sump by GEO Sumps. They are pieces of art. Workmanship is flawless and everything is thoughtfully made.

Beautiful text book example of a flame wrasse

flame wrasse

Amazing Scoly Trio. Prices were ridiculous by Canadian standards but still really cool.

ultra scoly


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