Salt Water Corals and Fish Delivered To Your Door

Fragbox corals is a Toronto based company specializing in salt water corals,captive bred saltwater fish and marine invertebrates (clean up crew) We deliver saltwater corals,coral frags, invertebrates and fish right to your door ! We are Canada’s oldest online salt water coral store and have the widest selection. Fragbox offers an industry leading arrive alive and stay alive guarantee so you can shop our site with confidence. We were founded in 2011 but have kept marine aquariums and saltwater fish for nearly 14 years now.  We have always modeled our business around 3 keys goals. Customer satisfaction, healthy fish and coral and selection. We try our best to bring you only the most beautiful and healthy corals while providing our customers with unmatched customer service.

All of coral frags can be found here or you can ship in person at our store located in the heart of Toronto You can find location info, hours and contact information on this page.  You can see all of our saltwater fish here and invertebrates here.

Our frag tanks packed with beautiful salt water corals in Toronto, Ontario.

Our History

Fragbox Corals was founded in 2011 in Toronto. A passion for the salt water aquarium hobby quickly turned into an obsession. At that time we had a small 15 gallon aquarium. As most nano aquarium keepers know the tank fills up fast with corals and can become unmanageable quickly. This inevitably meant we had to frag corals in order to keep them from touching one another. As soon as we posted corals for sale on local forums online they would sell FAST, many times they would sell the same day. We saw a market opportunity here as at the time there was no one really selling frags commercially, only colonies. There way many people selling corals online in the U.S but none in Canada expect one company called “fragalot” which had horrible customer service and very poor coral health. Our own unfortunate experiences with the company fueled our ambition to provide corals to the Canadian market at reasonable prices backed by killer service.  We gave it our all and the rest is history.  We have always believed that happy customers are the best kind 🙂


The nano reef that started it all.

Customer Service

Our #1 one goal when fragbox was founded was customer service. We always treat our customers the we would want to be treated. Salt water corals is not a normal business to get into. No one ever wakes up one day and thinks I’m going to sell corals. I can say with certainty that every marine business or local fish store that has opened started with passion brewing within a salt water aquarium enthusiast. At Fragbox its no different. We like to think of ourselves as hobbyists first and a business second. With this in mind we always try to treat our customers like fellow hobbyists rather than sales.  Many of our customers have supported us since day 1 and have become friends. We try to get to know our customers on a more personal level than most stores so we can tend to your needs and aquariums at much more personal and intimate way

We always try to keep our customers happy just like this fuzzy pink matrix