Ordering Corals Online

Ordering corals online

Its 2016 and you can order just about everything online. Corals are no exception. We still get lots of emails from first time buyers with concerns and hesitation, which is of course normal. If you’re concerned about ordering a coral online this blog post is here to tell you don’t be! We have been shipping corals at Fragbox for more than 5 years. It’s hard to imagine how many pieces we have shipped across Canada but I would estimate 10,000 or more. Our dead on arrival rate is less than 5% and in almost all orders the corals will arrive healthy.  Of course there are exceptions as corals are sensitive animals and sometimes may not survive shipping. This is why we have an industry leading arrive alive and stay alive guarantee! No one in the country offers the same level of protection. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated.

You corals will be shipped to you when its most convenient for you. They can be shipped to your home, to your work or even a fedex or ups office for pick up. All of our corals are shipped specialized thick, weather resistant shipping containers that keep the temperature stable in the box. All of the bags are also double bagged by hand in case of a leak. Heat packs are used when necessary in the winter and cool packs in the summer. We only ship when its safe to do so and work with our customers to make sure all their frags arrive happy and healthy!

If you currently buy corals from your local fish store ordering online really isn’t all that different. Let me explain. If you think about it, the corals at your LFS had to have come from overseas. Your local store had them shipped to their store where you can then buy them. If they can order online from overseas then it’s just as easy for you to order online. Even better, our corals are already here in Canada so they don’t have to travel very far to make it to your door. They leave our facility in the evening and often arrive before 12noon the next day at your door step. There is also the added convenience of not having to leave your home! The local store may be close for some, but I’m sure there are many that drive far and long to reach their closest salt water store.

Have you ever seen a coral order come in at your local store? How do the corals normally look on good shipments? People line up outside stores here in Toronto to get first dibs on all the new corals that have often not been in the tanks for even a couple hours. Generally these corals arrive stressed but healthy even after they have been on very long flights. Thousands and thousands of corals are shipped every single day around the world. These stores that are getting the corals also have no guarantee on alive arrival. They really have no idea what they are getting. They could be healthy, dead, dying, infected. They could order coral A and get coral B. Customers that purchase through us however get what you see is what you get photo. You know exactly what you are ordering. And best of all the health and livelihood of the coral is guaranteed. If you have never ordered online or through us give it a shot. Email us with the coupon code blogpost so we will know your read this article and give you a first time buyer credit ;). You won’t be disappointed.

All the best and happy reefing





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