Jebao Wavemakers and Return Pumps


Here you will find all the jebao products we carry. Fragbox carries the rw and sw wavemakers series such as the powerful and popular rw8 and sw2 pumps.

Jebao is a chinese company the produces inexpensive, controllable dc wavemakers and return pumps. They have producing pumps since 1998. Dollar for dollar there is not a better way to move water effectively and inexpensively in your reef tank. Their pumps are known for their reliability, quietness, adjustability and power savings.

Need Jebao parts? we carry those as well. Please contact us here to order specific parts for your jebao products.

Aquarium Hardware

Jebao SW-2 Wavemaker


Aquarium Hardware

Jebao SW15 Wave Maker


Aquarium Hardware

Jebao sw4


Aquarium Hardware

Jebao sw8


Aquarium Hardware

Jebao Rw20