Here you will find all the different lps corals and frags we sell. Fragbox has some of the nicest, most colorful and rarest lps available in Canada. Here you can find inexpensive acan frags or rainbow acans. Rainbow and gold torches or regular ones. Whatever your budget or wants we can are happy to serve everyone.


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Our LPS are all grown and kept under g3 radion pro

Tips for keeping healthy LPS corals: 1 Maintain stable salinity. We have found LPS corals to be sensitive to fluctuations in salinity

2. Maintain higher than normal magnesium levels. We find our LPS corals do best when mag is kept around 1500. If your LPS corals are not doing well first thing we reomcened to check is your magnesium

The only test kit we use and trust is made by salifert

This is also our favourite LPS food

Rainbow Chalice Coral

Rainbow Chalice Coral